Lot Number:H32
Start Time:9/4/2022 5:00:00 AM
Bid Count:8
Winning Bidder:SLL
Starting Bid:$1,000.00
Bid Increment:$100.00
Ring:2022 Legends Heifer Sale
Current Bid:$9,000.00
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CONSIGNED BY  Jason Hardy, JH Longhorns


PH#: 819

DOB: 05/21/2019


BREEDING: Gold Mine 1 from 07/15/2021 to Sale Date.

COMMENTS: OCV’d. JHCC Pin A Rose is one of our hands-down favorite cows at the ranch! She has an outstanding pedigree going back to the over 90” Patton HB Bull which is a son of a Legend, RHF Sharp Shooter! And on the top side has some very nice EOT breeding! This cow is one that’s very hard to part with! She has everything going for her color, horn, pedigree, and great body! She is what people strive to breed for! To top it off she will have a calf at her side by the Great Gold Mine 1. She will be exposed back the same way for a chance at a 3 in 1.

web link: JHCC PIN A ROSE

                COMMANDER EOT 14/10


                OUTBACK BLADRA 823


                PATTON HB


                 BH ROSE PETAL

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